Prior Blogs

We started blogging in 2009. Unfortunately half of that was lost in some technical error that deleted rather than archived. We do still keep both prior blog active, if you are interested in some of our travel and photography from earlier years.

Field Notes

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Field Notes was our first blog, started by request in 2009. We did a lot of hikes and events in various places then, plus we were very involved in a birding citizen science project. People on our hikes and who met us often asked where we photographed, birded, etc. and eventually several suggested we should start a blog to capture the answer to those questions.

In mid-July of 2015 I attempted to archive the earlier entries as the blog changed format, and those earlier entries were deleted rather than archived. Only 2014 and 2015 remain. As a result, we started anew.

Nichter Photography Plus (original site)

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This is the next blog, which included more than just nature and photography. In January 2018 some changes were made to the platform, and I could no longer post from the road, only from home. I understand those were sorted out eventually.

I contacted my niece, who happens to run a small non-profit, and she suggested I switch to WordPress, the current blog. I did and so far the current blog is fine.