For the story of our business, please read About Nichter Photography. I only post updates when something is changing, not monthly.

November 2019

The blog writing is finally once again becoming a habit, one I enjoy, and I plan to keep up with the Wednesday posting each week. Welcome and thank you to all the people who chose to follow my blog, I know that there is a lot out there and appreciate your time. For now, I plan to keep to the once  a week posting with the occasional second or third post if something interesting comes along.

May 2019

The blog is finally settling into the once per week on Wednesday posting schedule I originally envisioned. Over the next few months I may experiment with occasional posts on other days to see if they are something that could become permanent. The Wednesday post will continue to focus on our photography, hikes, and events. The experimental posts could include book reviews on photography, nature, and Florida books, naturalist posts, and general essays. I spoke to someone on a recent hike who also has blogged for the past ten years or so, and we both struggle, in our respective fields, with providing different and interesting content for you. There are billions of other blogs out there, I want to keep our blog one you want to continue to read.

April 2019

It has been sixteen months since we made the decision to semi-retire our photography business (See About page). The time off helped us re-focus on our photography and our direction. We plan to remain on this semi-retirement path for the immediate future, but unlike when we made our original decision we no longer rule out taking on selected opportunities should they arise. Sometimes stepping back is actually a step forward.

August, 2018

Transition to this new blog and the changes in our business took longer than we thought. We transitioned over the past 8 months from our very busy schedule to one that allows us more creative time. We reduced our guided hikes from monthly except during the summer to four per year, and one classroom session in January (All at Brooker Creek Preserve for now).