Reflections of a Yellow-crowned Night Heron

YCNH reflection

We watched this Yellow-crowned Night Heron walking back and forth in the water. He quickly dipped into the water a few times, but came up empty. We remained silent and still at first, then started moving around slowly and quietly. Apparently, he saw no threat because he remained for those in our group to photograph.

I took several photographs. I shot him finally finding that crab, and eating it. Unfortunately, those photographs did not meet my standards, the bird came out well but the sharpness of the prey in his bill did not.

I noticed him looking intently into the water, and saw his eye looking back at him. I shot that one on a whim, and it became my favorite. After all these years of bird photography, I still grab my camera whenever I see a bird. My focus changed over time, and the challenge of getting something different or unique for my own portfolio makes the challenge even greater.


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