Just the Beach

Just the Beach

I grew up near the Great Lakes. Beaches and larger bodies of water drew me even then. Unlike my friends, I did not tan well nor did I burn a lot. I protected my skin in the days when everyone else applied baby oil (really) before a day at the beach.

I always loved the beach though I drove most of my friends crazy in those days. While they lay on towels looking good and working on their tans, and, let’s face it, checking out the guys, I went for walks, swims, read, and generally kept active (and checked out the guys).

I live near several beaches now, and walking on the beach (usually with my camera, but not always) still ranks among my favorite relaxing activities. We love walking the beach and then sitting and having a cup of coffee on those cold, blustery days that keep the tourists away. Karl will bring a chair, and read or relax while I maintain my same activities as all those years ago as a teenager and young twenty something. Except checking out the guys of course. At my age they would find that scary!

Just the Beach 2

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