Blood Moon – over the Gulf

Blood Moon

Summer colds are the worst. I felt awful, and hadn’t been paying any attention to the news, so missed the articles about the eclipse on Friday, July 27 and “Blood Moon” that most of the world would see. Except North America, at least for the eclipse.

Friday morning Karl left for his morning walk, and came back almost immediately. He said that we could see the Blood Moon, more orangey-red than red, though clouds were starting to cover it. He went back out, I quickly dressed and went out to see it. As I walked around the circle for a better look over the Gulf, I finally realized I needed my camera. I sprinted back (not easy when you are coughing, sneezing and on an antibiotic), grabbed the camera, and managed to get a few shots before the combination of dawn and the clouds changed the moment entirely.

This is taken at 70mm and cropped, with a lower ISO. I increased the ISO but of course the photography turned out grainy, and the shots were just not as dramatic. You can just barely see the green of the bushes lining the coast of the Gulf in the foreground.

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