2018 into 2019 – Slow Photography


Karl on beach
Karl watching the rising sun

In 2010 I started each new year of the blog with a review of last year and plans for the current year. This started with our first blog begun in 2009, the one we started when our photography business really took off and people asked for stories and photographs of the places we visited for our nature photography, birding, and citizen science projects.

Last January marked our 10th anniversary as Nichter Photography. I reported in our blog at that time that as we prepared to enter our eleventh year, we decided on a significant direction change: we semi-retired from our professional photography work. The beginning of 2018 we finished all prior commitments and notified people of this change. We remained firm, though more than once opportunities presented themselves that made us question our resolve.

As the year progressed, we still sold some photography, continued our volunteer work though with fewer events, and maintained our usual monetary support of non-profits as Nichter Photography. We plan a similar level of professional work this year.

I find our current status difficult to describe. If I may borrow from a decades old movement, I would call it “Slow Photography”. We do all the things we always did, perhaps more due to fewer business commitments. What is missing is the need to find a certain shot because we promised specific photographs for sale or publication, or an event coming up, or we need more to exhibit for sale. We can be more creative both in the camera and in the post-processing because we don’t have restraints on the subject of the photographs, or the specific requirements of retail or an exhibition.

Goals for this year include experimenting with that old medium of film, maintaining our non-profit work, continuing our slow photography and this blog to document our journey and hopefully provide you with photography tips, ideas, and travel logs. We are considering something we hadn’t done before: entering contests. We are also considering something we did in the beginning but stopped due to time constraints: submitting our photography and essays for publication.

We are looking forward to 2019.

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