Blog Posting Schedule for 2019

sunrise on the shells
Sunrise on the shells. The pink cast made the shore filled with shells look like a painting.

Starting next week, the regular post will be Wednesdays only. Some weeks posting may be more frequent as events occur and we get really interesting photographs we want to share.

I discovered, and should have realized, that as part of our “Slow Photography” the usual subjects for my twice-weekly blog posts (down from thrice weekly) became scarce. We travel just as much, but week long trips rather than a day or two trips, and spend more time in each place rather than moving from one place to the next to keep a schedule.

In addition, many essays in our prior blogs included photography and camera tips and ideas from our experience. Now, general information on use of cameras, settings, composition, etc. appear in millions of blogs and websites, unfortunately many so much alike I wonder if they use the same author. I phased the general photography information out of individual posts over a year ago as so much else is available.

As part of our new pace, I’d like to be able to spend more time on my writing too. I hope to get back to the longer essay form of the first blog. Those take a lot more writing time, photography time, in person research, and reading/analysis research.

We do still have in person classes and lead four hikes a year at Brooker Creek Preserve in Tarpon Springs. That remains free; it is part of our volunteer work, for Brooker Creek and for our profession. The class is January 26, 2018. Click here for information.

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