Frank Lloyd Wright at Florida Southern

William H. Danforth Chapel, the only work of Frank Lloyd Wright on the campus in leaded art glass, and framed in native Florida cypress. Open to the public, it still contains the original pews.

Wright, at 70 years old, designed eighteen structures for the Florida Southern Campus from 1938 to 1958. Twelve were build during his tenure. He called the project the “Child of the Sun” with buildings rising from the ground and into the light. His organic architecture obviously inspired by the Florida sun and weather.

We heard about the structures that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for Florida Southern College many years ago. It languished on our list of places to visit. In the meantime, we visited Graycliff in Derby, NY and other Wright designs.

We took the RV camping in Lakeland a few weeks ago, and while we visited the Polk County Art Museum (to see the Degas drawing exhibit, very nice) on the Florida Southern Campus we discovered the buildings we hoped to see only two blocks away.

We took the self guided tour, which required some help from the occasional passing student, and had a wonderful time. Next time we are in the area we will definitely put aside time for one of the guided tours.

Karl took this shot of the Danforth Chapel. He worked with the light we had, not the light he wished we had, using the 5D Mark II with the Canon 24 – 105mm.

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