Ad Astra and George Washington

starburst 1
Ad Astra (To the Stars)

We visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on the Mall first. The last time our co-travelers visited this museum it contained such a large crowd they left after a short time. We arrived early (all Smithsonian  museums open at 10 a.m.) and found others already waiting.

I took several photos in the museum, but due to the crowds the angles and views I pictured rarely happened. I took the usual tourist type shots, (I will not bore you by posting them) and after a few hours when the crowds became such that enjoyment left, we also left.

Photography aside, we loved the museum. I particularly liked the Pioneers of Flight exhibit, and spent a lot of time there before making my way around the rest of the museum.

Arriving early gave me time to contemplate the Ad Astra sculpture. I photographed it several times, finally deciding to concentrate on what I call the star bursts. Shortly afterwards the light changed, and as I gazed around so did my perspective. starburst 2

The contrast of both color and form between my initial shot and the reflection in glass struck me so I photographed that also. Finding a unique angle or view of something so often photographed is one of the fun challenges of tourist travel.

In the American History Museum we admired the sculpture of George Washington, and I did take a standard shot. Moving on, I turned to find my companions and realized from that angle, George had a burst of light over his head.GW with light

I waited until several people moved to take the photograph. I want to visit Washington again. There is so much to see, and so much of it free admission. I could spend the day at the National Gallery of Art, and that is rarely crowded!

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