Dining out…outside of course

No Dining

Contrary to popular belief, or at least the belief of those who do not live in central Florida, we do not hide inside all summer sitting in front of air conditioning.

I don’t recommend hiking, biking, or sitting out in the blazing afternoon sun with 90+ degree temperatures and comparable humidity unless of course you love that. You find us out and about mornings, evenings, and during the day under a canopy or roof. We sat out on a deck, very comfortable with shade and a light breeze, at a local restaurant having lunch recently. Plenty of boats went by, and we and our fellow diners enjoyed a nice, leisurely meal watching the boats, water, and of course wildlife.

This White Ibis posed atop this sign briefly, before realizing that it meant only on the boardwalk. He then jumped down, walked over and up the steps to the dining deck, and walked around the wait staff and diners hoping for a handout. Thank goodness none were forthcoming, people food does not agree with wildlife. We sat near a nature preserve where plenty of his native food could be found, but who could blame him for trying?

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