Fall Hike at Brooker Creek Preserve

BCP Hike Bee

Wildflowers naturally remain the predominate theme of our end of September hike at Brooker Creek Preserve, and often the theme of the end of October hike too. The Fall wildflowers start blooming in September, reaching a peak as October comes along. Many stay with us through the winter months.

Blue Curls came out in force this year. We also saw Paintbrush in various stages of bloom, including this one, already discovered by a bee. As we walked through the wetlands we saw Pickerelweed, Cardinal Flower, and the start of new ferns including some Cinnamon fern already unfurled.

BCP Hike Fern

Twelve people joined us for this first hike of the season. The Beautyberry bushes all sported large clusters of the berries, not yet picked over by the birds, and quite the sight in the sunlight. I photograph them every year, and tried a different angle this time.BCP Hike Beautyberry

Just before the Education Center, one of our sharp eyed hikers looked down from the boardwalk and saw this small Pygmy Rattlesnake, asleep on a log and perfect for a safe shot.BCP Hike Pygmy RattlesnakeIf you can, please join us for one of our hikes. We have another the last Saturday of October.

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