Mirror-less Camera and Learning Curve

cypress sil
Suwanee River Sill

Today’s post is from Karl.  He promised to keep us updated as he worked with the Sony A7 III. Here are his notes so far as he learns the new mirror-less camera:

From the time I switched from film to digital I have been using a full frame sensor by choice.

We have been reading quite a bit about mirror less cameras and their benefits, so I decided to take the leap, looked around and chose a Sony A7 III,  with Kathleen’s agreement of course.

In our classroom sessions and the hikes we lead, we talk about how the tool is less of camera as we knew it, and more of a “computer with a lens”.  In the case of the Sony, we were spot on.  Auto focus options for example.

The Canon 1Ds MK 3 I had been using (and still do) is quite a hefty bit of gear, so the smaller Sony took some getting used to in the field.  I was concerned about not having a good grip, and was afraid about dropping the camera . (I almost never wear a camera strap they seem to get in the way.)  Might consider a wrist strap like Kathleen has, have not found one I like yet.

I bought an adapter so as to use the existing canon “L” series lenses which we already own. Depending on how much I use the camera and the lenses available, we may decide buy a Sony FE mount lens or two for convenience and comparison.

I am happy with the camera, and  will send more feedback as I have more opportunities to use this in the field.

Karl gave the camera a good workout on our last trip, which included two days camping in the Okefenokee Swamp in southeast Georgia. The park and camp sites are 17 miles into the swamp, on a road which ends at the ranger station and park. It is quiet and remote. These photographs are from the Suwanee River Sill.


We don’t have a stay home directive in place in our county, though the ones directly south of us both do. The cases are climbing fast here and everywhere we look, so we will be staying home and keeping a safe distance when we do go out. Stay healthy, and be kind to one another.

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