Okefenokee Swamp, Part 2

Snowy Egret stepping through the water in his breeding plumage and eye coloring

Birds are part of the fun of visiting the Okefenokee Swamp. I watched the Snowy Egret high-stepping toward me, and kept the camera on him waiting to capture one of the “golden slippers” of his feet in the air, along with a reflection.

He flew not long after this shot, and I turned around and walked toward the purple I saw on the other side of the road. The Blue Flag Iris just bloomed, with several more set to bloom. The color when they are new is so rich and vibrant.

Prairie Iris Okefenokee
Blue Flag Iris

Another bird caught my eye, this time a Great Egret. He also walked along the shore, but on the other side. GREG Oke

When we first arrived I walked along the docks next to the ranger station. Something caught my eye, and I looked down to see a smaller alligator taking the sun. From the dried mud caked on its head, he had been sunbathing for a while.


I decided to take advantage of the time at home and review my photographs on the organizer this week. I need to delete those I keep ‘just in case’. They are not good shots and I won’t use them but I do like to keep them a little longer to look at again with fresh eyes. They never get better, so time to do some cleaning up. Who knows, maybe I will find a gem taken at a busier time and overlooked due to the volume of other shots.

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