Bird From the Boardwalk

BCNH log
Black Crowned Night Heron just noticed me

I love being the first person to walk a trail or down a boardwalk. Usually that means very early, so I have good light, generally I am alone or with Karl, and often it means that any birds or wildlife are still about. Once the joggers and walkers begin to go by, the more skittish of the wildlife move out of view.

This morning I walked as quietly as I could, and noticed the Black Crowned Night Heron on a log in the creek. These night herons frequent this area, and though not strangers to people going by whether or not they stay depends on the bird. This one looked up almost immediately and gave me that sideways glance.

BCNH Walking Away
Slowly walking away

He turned after a moment and started walking toward the vegetation on the side, keeping me in view. While not a run, it wasn’t a saunter either and I only managed the one shot before he disappeared from view.

I walked further along the boardwalk, and then turned and walked back. BCNH 1

I don’t know what made me look over, but I did and there he sat, still watching me. I took another shot and left him to continue whatever morning activities herons engage in when we are not looking.

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