Native Green Anole

Green anole after rain
Native Green anole after a rain

Everyone visiting Florida sees the anoles. The small brown lizards run everywhere. People don’t often see the Green Anoles, the native species. These green anoles do turn brown for camouflage when against a dark background, but I think remain lighter than the brown ones. We have also been told that the eyelids remain the bluish color even when they turn brown, but personally I never noticed that.

For years we heard that the brown invasive species was crowding out the native species. Then some naturalists theorized that the green anoles moved higher into the trees and canopy for less competition for resources. I don’t know if they have or not, but recently I saw several different green ones at different places along a walk. The one above I shot just after a rain and the green looks very light. The one below walk along a boardwalk, and began displaying with the dewlap under its neck.

Green anole display

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