Long Winter’s Nap

Things started just before Christmas, when for the first time in at least 15 years Karl developed back problems causing constant pain. We knew the drill, and he started taking it easy, standing, or lying down flat on a hard surface resting for a couple of weeks. Walking helped so we took a few short hikes at first when the weather cooperated. Then the weather turned, and with the exception of a couple of warm days near the start of January the days turned mostly chilly, cloudy, and windy.

Midnight the cat spent less time in her outside area of the enclosed deck and more time indoors on a nice, warm fleece, either sleeping or in that in-between relaxation mode that cats do so well. Our version of a long winter’s nap seemed in order for a couple of weeks, so we stayed at home with books, DVDs, online games, offline games and crosswords, and working on long term projects, all accompanied by warm comfort food.

Karl’s back took well to the treatment, and he is comfortably up and around again. The weather still remains chilly, as this puffed up Eastern Phoebe against the gray sky demonstrates, but we are rested and ready to take advantage of any of the warmer days that suddenly appear this time of year.
Midnight, on the other hand, knows that winter is not over, even here in central Florida where it tends to be short and occasional, and can be found in one of her fleece lined favorites spots most days.

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