Fog and Low Tide

We looked outside and realized that the promised sunny morning started with fog and instead of blue sky we saw an unrelenting gray. We went for our walk at a local park anyway to enjoy the walk, and maybe get creative with the photography. We learned not to wait for good or even near good weather, even here in Florida where many people think the sun shines all the time (not). We wore regular walking shoes, and shortly after starting our hike realized the waterproof hiking boots would have been a better choice. The foggy air saturated everything, and the wet grass soon saturated our shoes.

The flock of robins that arrived last month ago flew over. Karl noticed the depleted supply of berries on the trees and shrubs in the area so we don’t expect them to stay much longer. We walked to the deck that overlooks the place where the creek and the Gulf of Mexico meet guessing that any wading birds took advantage of the low tide for a little fishing.

The fog, gray overcast sky, and diffused light with no sign of sun made the entire scene monochromatic. The only points of color came from the white on the Tri-color heron and the crown and head of the Yellow-crowned Night heron. An osprey circled overhead, and then we heard the familiar cry of the Sandhill cranes. I tried to get a shot as they went over, and came out with an acceptable one. My tracking skills with the lens need improvement.
A gray squirrel jumped from branch to branch in one of the trees, several small warblers, mostly Palm warblers flew in and out of the trees near the water, and in the distance we saw several Turkey vultures circling slowly. Once again it ended up more of a birding trip but that is fine with us. Any time quietly walking in the woods is time well spent.

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