Two Calling Birds…

Spring definitely sprung this past week. We hiked Sweetwater Wetlands in Gainesville early one morning and birds sang and called constantly. This grackle sat nearly above my head on a tree next to the boardwalk. He sang and sang even as I photographed him.
Some were clearly territorial squabbles. The Red-winged blackbirds, wings very bright in the sun, flew around each other, landing and chasing on this rail. As I watched, this male fluffed his feathers and expanded his chest, and let out his assertive call. The other males stopped bothering him, I guess he made his point.

We’ve had a cooler late winter/early spring this year. We found the weather nice and pleasant, but it certainly wasn’t the low 80s with a lot of sun that our winter residents and tourists expect.

Note: I had computer problems which led to me getting a new PC running Windows 10 as I was unable to find another using Windows 7. Unfortunately the graphics software I always used requires the cloud for most things in any version of it that runs on Windows 10. Since I need to be able to use the software offline, I am in the process of determining which software I can use. If any of you can suggest something that does not require a broadband internet connection, which we do not have when traveling and camping, I would appreciate it.

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