Eagle in the Tree

While walking through a local park recently, a fellow hiker stopped and asked if we had seen the eagle in the tree. We had not taken that side path and missed it, so doubled back and there was the eagle, exactly where the hiker told us to find him.

The light hitting his feathers was interesting, lighting up the two white feathers on the chest and the white of the tail. He remained unperturbed with the two photographers taking his photograph and watching him through binoculars. Karl continued to “work the scene” as we are always taught in photography courses, while I admired a Tri-colored heron walking by on the beach, also not too concerned about us. When we compared photographs, Karl definitely had the best one of the traditional pose in the tree, and captured one of the eagle looking down at us.

We try to let fellow hikers we see on the trail about anything interesting we saw, and appreciate when other hikers do the same for us.

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