Summer Bird and Updates

We know summer is coming when we see our first Swallow-tailed kite soaring overhead, feasting on flying insects. We rarely see them sitting still, or up close, so imagine our surprise when we looked up while hiking and saw this beautiful bird. The layers of feathers came out so well with the sun shining at that angle.

Thank you to those of you who attended our first in-person photography presentation in 18 months a few weeks ago. For the first time ever we did not bring a second flash drive with a back-up, and naturally Murphy’s law struck. For the first time ever the presentation corrupted. When the application asked if it should try to recover the file and we pressed yes, it deleted the entire thing. That was also a first. We do not live close to the venue, so driving home to get a new one wasn’t happening. We used an older presentation from a couple of years before. No one left in spite of the change in topic and we stayed an extra half hour answering questions so even though it wasn’t the new presentation we planned it went forward. Note to ourselves: never walk out of the house again without two flash drives containing the presentation!

2 thoughts on “Summer Bird and Updates”

  1. What a beautiful photo of one of my favorite birds. It’s always a thrill to see the kites. I enjoy your blog and your splendid images. Thank you for sharing your Florida adventures.


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