Silver River Museum – New to Us Exhibit

We checked in and set up camp at Silver River State Park on a Sunday, then decided to visit the Silver River Museum, located along with its replica pioneer settlement a short walk from the campground. We paid the very reasonable $2.00 admission charge, and began to wander. We visited this museum before, so started out looking at some of the exhibits when both of us realized an entirely new section existed. A volunteer told us that it opened only two years ago.

The new dugout canoe exhibits includes everything dugout canoe. It starts with information on the remains of prehistoric dugout canoes from Newnan’s Lake and the archaeology involved, moves on to their use, history, and modern craftspeople making the canoes the old way. The interpretive exhibits are a blend of artifacts, display, signage, hands-on and video and appeal to children and adults. Interesting fact: Florida holds the record for largest number of prehistoric dugout canoes, over 100 from 500 to 5,000 years old!

Replica of dugout canoe you can touch

Located at Silver Springs State Park at the NE 58th Avenue entrance which includes the campground and many hiking trails, the other museum exhibits show the history of north central Florida from fossils, through Native American culture, and into the age of development first for business then as a tourist attraction. It also includes a replica pioneer settlement, and during the week provides field trips for school children. It only opens to the public on weekends, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We needed more time since we arrived so close to closing time. We will be back.

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