Festival of Lights

We camped at Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park in White Springs, FL for a week during their Festival of Lights. We visit here every year around this time for the Festival, but decided to extend it this year. The weather cooperated, the nights stayed cool but the days warmed up to 70 to 80 degrees (Fahrenheit). In the evenings we walked from the campground to the display areas, and walked around the drive-through sections before the traffic and larger crowds arrived.

Different light displays dotted the entire area, music came from one of the buildings, most people sampled the hot cocoa and popcorn, several vendors set up tents, at scheduled times a snow machine sent snow shooting out to the delight of the children, and of course Santa made an appearance.

The gift shop and craft square remained closed this year. We hope they include them next year as the craftspeople demonstrating their talents is a favorite of ours. Another favorite, the model train exhibit, was scaled back this year. One of the participants explained that they were redoing the larger exhibit and didn’t get it finished.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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