More Fog: Early Morning

The warm start to the west central Florida winter meant a lot of morning fog into January. Some mornings we awoke to visibility so low that the news reported driving warnings. With that much fog comes a lot of dampness.

One morning I looked out the back window and saw light attempt to break through, causing the heavy dew on the screening to glisten in a dark, rather ominous way. The reflection caught my eye, so out came the camera. The screen looks crystalline with the heavy dew hanging. In spite of a couple weeks of fog, I never saw anything like this again.

Another morning I started out the front door for a morning run, and noticed wood storks sitting atop the roof across the street and the street light pole. The saw me and never moved. I turned around from my run, took up the camera, just to see what I could get. I took several shots, but the one on the roof with the trees in the background clearly showed fog. Without the clear evidence of fog, the others just looked blown-out. I rarely see Wood storks perching in the neighborhood. Usually they are viewed from a distance across the creek. The four I saw stayed until the fog lifted somewhat and visibility improved.

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