Visiting Southern Georgia

We spent over two weeks visiting southern Georgia in the RV, starting at Okefenokee and then up to Fort McAllister on the coast, and ending at Crooked River on the coast before heading home. Georgia maintains a beautiful state park system, one we experienced before and plan to continue to visit. We didn’t realize the number of parks and wildlife management areas, historical sites, and other points of interest until we planned the trip and tried to decide what to do in what we realized would be a limited time frame based on everything available. At Fort McAllister we spent two days just exploring the park with its museum, fort, and hiking trails.

View from the RV window, sunrise on the pine flatwoods just hitting the trees

Rather than rush we chose a few places, and enjoyed and explored them at our leisure, taking photographs and field notes with the occasional sketches. We met many people in the campgrounds, some from Georgia, a few fellow Floridians, and this time of year many from places further north, either just arriving for the sunshine or starting to head back after spending most of their winter in Florida and southern Georgia.

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