Escaping the Heat

This small gopher tortoise made a home near a much larger tortoise in a wildflower garden. Seeing the size of the two burrows, side by side, makes for an interesting comparison. The larger relative next door did not make an appearance in the three days we checked. This one appeared on two of the days, briefly. They enjoy the hot, humid afternoons in the direct sun far more than us less heat tolerant humans.

We escaped the summer heat of a central Florida August by volunteering for a few days as gallery guides at a local exhibition of photography. The garden is directly in front of the entrance. Three of our photographs hung there by invitation. As guides we rarely mentioned our own photography unless asked, preferring to remain anonymous and watching people as they meandered through gazing at all the photographs on display. We did notice when they looked at ours, while keeping what we hope was a low profile. Too far away to hear comments, we observed how long they looked and on a couple of occasions how they came back to one or two. Yes, we gave in to our egos and enjoyed seeing people enjoy our work. The photographs will be offered at the store of a non-profit after the show, with 50% of the sale price going to the non-profit.

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