Visiting Fort McAllister

(Fort McAllister is a Georgia State Park in Richmond Hill, GA)

During a short stop here one year ago we started the self-guided tour of the fort. The admission includes a 12-minute movie and a small museum too. That day a strong north wind blew and the temperature remained low. In spite of the sun we froze. In addition, every time we attempted to open the brochure to read the history for a marker, the wind blew it closed and one time nearly blew it away. We abandoned the walk for the indoor warmth of the museum and movie, and loved both.

This visit we tried again, on a sunny, warm day just after lunch. The easy to follow self-guided tour took us over an hour at our leisurely pace. The interpretive history is very well done, telling the story of this fort through the Civil War and the directions guidepost of guidepost take you along.

Admission with the self-guided tour, movie, and museum is $9.00 per person, less for seniors and youth up to 17 years old. There is also an admission fee to the park of $5.00, with hiking trails available and a playground.

The long lens on my camera did not work for many shots. Karl took numerous photographs, including the ones here, enjoying the scenic areas and great natural lighting.

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