Bird Photography…It Changes


I started my nature photography with birds. As an avid birder, it made sense. In the more than a decade since I started serious bird photography, my style changed. My first few years concentrated more on portraits. Back then, only those of us with the long lens managed to get the best photographs. Now, thanks to technology advances in cameras of all levels, portrait photography of birds and stop action of an Osprey taking a fish, while maybe not something everyone does, is common.

As I matured as a naturalist, I started taking more shots of birds relating to their habitat. Backgrounds became less fuzzy and more distinguishable to set the bird in its place. I waited for unique behavior, interactions with other birds, feeding behaviors. Lately I am back to the close-ups, but of unique features of the birds.

In this series, I went for the eyes with only enough of the rest of the bird to create the composition I wanted. It started with the Black-crowned Night Heron. I looked up, and with the direction of the sun that amber eye actually seemed to glow at first glance. I liked what I saw, and decided to try the same approach on some other birds.


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