Sandhill Cranes at Weeki Wachee Preserve

Sandhill through reeds

I spotted this crane while hiking and birding at Weeki Wachee Preserve this morning. We heard the cranes earlier, so already listed them.

The crane walked along, sometimes visible sometimes not in the reeds. At one point he stopped, tilted  his head, and gave me this look that I found quizzical. Then he bent down, doing a bit of fishing I think.

As we walked along the road toward the parking lot, we noticed two cranes walking through the vegetation on the right. This time of year, we always search for the colts, and sure enough this rather tall young colt tagged along with his parents. At one point he noticed us, and watched, never getting far from one parent or another. The adult cranes watched us briefly, determined us not a threat, and ignored us from that time forward.

SHCR mother and child

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