Photographing Waterfalls

Thanks to cooler morning temperatures we had the Falling Waters State Park Waterfall to ourselves for quite a while. Most of the photographs I took initially froze the droplets. Since I had the time, I decided to play around with setting the time and getting the soft water look, or bridal veil, or any number of other names. The caption below each shows the settings I used on the camera, and the result. I handheld the camera since I did not have a tripod or monopod with me, but used the boardwalk to prop myself and avoid shake.

Soft waterfall 1
I shot this image at F22, 1/4 second
soft waterfall 2
This image, of just the waterfall, I shot at F22, 1 second
soft waterfall 3
I shot this image at F22, 1/6 second


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