Broad-headed Skink

broad headed skink 1

While hiking the boardwalk at Falling Rivers state park, we noticed the skink in a tree crevice, enjoying the sun. I stopped, backed up slowly, and reached for my camera. I think walking on boardwalks creates more noise and vibration, even when we try to walk softly and I didn’t want to spook him. I took several shots, at several focal lengths and settings. After observing the skink for a few minutes, it suddenly became aware of our presence, turned, and left. Or, maybe it just let us get a good look before it left. After all, he displayed full breeding colors and a bit of preening made sense.

Broad headed skink 2

The Broad-headed skink ranges from northern Florida to part way down the peninsula and is the largest of Florida skinks. The orange head gives this one away as a male.


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