Photo Hike at Brooker Creek Preserve

Swamp Lily

I saw the Fall wildflowers blooming along the trail in in the wetland area, so knew we had some good photo opportunities for this hike. A good crowd of photographers came along, some who hiked with us before, some for the first time, and some for the first time at Brooker Creek Preserve.

The hike starts at 8:30, and even then we felt the heat and sun. One of our hikers mentioned that the temperatures might hit a record high for the day. It felt like it already. We thought of cutting the hike short, but with photographers along and plenty of photographic subjects, that just doesn’t happen. Thank you to everyone. We love the company and learn from you, and always hope you learned something about photography or Brooker Creek Preserve from us, or just had a great time.

We lead one more hike at Brooker Creek Preserve this year, on October 27. We finish that one just as the Owl-O-Ween event starts, so plenty of opportunities not only for nature photography, but maybe to get a shot or two of the event. Hope to see you there!


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