The LOCAL Farmer’s Market

farmer market 2
Tasty Tuesday produce. The small white flowers are on the Wasabi Arugula. Everything in the photograph is edible and locally grown.

Tasty Tuesdays, our local farmer’s market, began about five years ago. I found it by accident shortly after it started. I returned some library books and found the then small group outside the library. We started going every week, and watched it as more people became involved. Several growers moved on, one literally to another state where others now get to enjoy their wide variety of produce.

I grew a small garden many years every place we have lived, with varying success, mostly on the no success side. I found that where we are now an herb garden in large pots is about all that flourishes, I think in spite of me. My brother inherited my mother’s amazing talent for lush, productive gardens. I keep trying, with few results but a lot of determination. We eat a lot of vegetables, prefer fresh local, so Tasty Tuesdays makes my lack of skill in the area less noticeable in our daily diet. Our local growers often try new and different vegetables, and we try nearly everything at least once.

Many years ago I grew a great crop of romaine, a lot of it and all ready at the same time. I offered some to friends who visited one day, knowing that they ate a lot of salad and claimed to eat organic. They watched me pick it and reluctantly took it. What they thought I have no idea. A couple days later she called and said if we had any more they would take it, it was delicious! I knew they never gardened, and they depended upon chain supermarkets for their lettuce, buying California produce marked organic, so they never had truly fresh romaine. The difference in taste amazed them.

The photo above shows recent purchases from one visit. I got the idea for the photo looking at the purple and red radishes, and arranged it all in a basket immediately upon getting home. I used my Canon 7D Mark II, and an 85MM 1.2 prime lens. I did three sets of shots at varying distances, angles, and apertures. I thought I had THE shot in the second set, but after looking at it decided to try one more time. This shot, in the third set, used the kitchen lighting and an aperture of 2.8.

“Working the scene” is a phrase used by photographers all the time, and this is a good example of continuing to work even though you think you might have it.

And I didn’t buy the radishes or anything else just for the photo, we ate it all!

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