Photo Hike at Brooker Creek Preserve

Dragonfly BCP
We caught the wonderful light reflection on the wings as this dragonfly posed.

Last Saturday we held our second of two Spring photography hikes at Brooker Creek Preserve in Tarpon Springs, FL. The slightly cool start invigorated all of us.

We saw spring flowers, plenty of dragonflies, some of whom even stopped long enough for a nicely posed shot, a hawk sighted by one of our sharp eyed regular hikers, and near the end a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron who sat in a tree for us.

Thank you to all of our hikers. We love these hikes because we meet such interesting people, and we all learn from each other. Our next event will be another workshop style class in July. We scheduled this recently after the positive feedback from the January program and after discussion with the staff at Brooker Creek Preserve. The workshop starts with a short basic photography presentation, followed by questions from you. Bring your camera and any questions you have about the camera or using the settings, we do our best to answer them. We hope to see you there.

For next season, we plan to stay with the program of two hikes in the Fall (October and November) and two in the Spring (March and April) with a workshop style class in January. We do not charge for the hikes or the classes, they are part of our volunteer work in support of Brooker Creek Preserve.

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