2019 Bird Migration – Our First Day


Osprey Moon Eagle Point
Osprey at Eagle Point Park with moon in background

Twice a year, our part of Florida watches closely for the migrant birds that pass through on their way either north for the summer or south for the winter. This year we visited several places along with family, who also bird. Quite a few migrants stopped this year due to a weather front, so we went with high hopes.

When I bird, I also photograph. Often I photograph for identification confirmation more than for art or science, but occasionally the birds cooperate well enough (or feel sorry for me?) that I manage both. We saw birds, but not many migrants at Eagle Point Park, Green Key Park, and Key Vista, our hiking on the first day. The second day at Fort DeSoto yielded the best migrant count, and also the best migrant photography. Our third day together at Honeymoon Island provided some birds, and quite a surprise.

My bird lists, as usual lately, ended up incomplete and sparse. Juggling the binoculars and camera I often think I will remember all the species. I don’t. I also lose my pen or pencil frequently. Fortunately Karl usually sees me drop it and tells me. Too often, mostly with the expensive waterproof pens or mechanical pencils, I drop them and we never find them. After returning from these wonderful three days of hiking, I decided to make my note taking easier for me and the pens more likely to stay put. Women’s hiking pants rarely have pockets suitable for the notebook and pen, as most men’s do. I am trying a new system and will report back if it works.

From the first day:

Hawk attached by Jay
Hawk near a nest being harassed by the Blue Jay making a hasty retreat
RBGR Key Vista
Rose Breasted Grosbeak at Key Vista, one of our few migrants the first day

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