Temple Mound at Kolomoki

Temple Mound Sunrise
Sunrise on May 14, 2019, 8:07 a.m. at Mound A also called Temple Mound

This mound at Kolomoki State Park in Blakely, GA rises 56 feet high and measures 325 x 200 feet at the base. A visit to the museum at the Visitor Center provides much information, or as much as archeologist know at this point, about this mound, the others in the area, and those who build it.

Constructed over 700 years ago, and surrounded by villages, burial mounds, and a ceremonial plaza, it was a center of population in its time. It likely also served as a meeting or ceremonial center for the nearby cultural centers.

I managed to get to the mound only a couple of minutes before the sun peeked over it. I centered my shot directly at the stairs, and the sun is nearly directly at the top. I suspect on the summer solstice in June it would be in the center. I had time for two quick shots before the sun completely appeared.

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