The Southernmost Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

For over a century a covered bridge named Coheelee Creek Bridge spanned the Coheelee Creek ten miles southwest of Blakely, GA. To find this amazing relic from the past, be sure to pick up a brochure with directions at the Chamber of Commerce. The bridge remains well-hidden in a beautiful, quiet, and scenic rural area. According to an article by David Williams of Valdosta State College, few covered bridges were built in this part of Georgia. This is the only one located south of Macon, making it the southernmost covered bridge in the United States. Built in 1891 in the queen-post modified style with a central pier, the bridge crosses the creek at 96 feet in length. In 1976 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and restored by 1984.

We discovered the existence of this little known bridge accidentally. We stopped at a store and found the brochure with some other local information. The driving directions in the pamphlet provided by the Chamber of Commerce made finding the hidden bridge easy. The sun came out as we admired and photographed the structure. We took our time. The contrast when the sun came out made photographing the inside a challenge. Karl set up several shots to get the tricky lighting to cooperate, and got this shot.


We find the most interesting and amazing things when we visit an area and just slow down, look around, and wander around.

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