Big Shoals and the Old Godwin Bridge


We find the most interesting things when hiking. We hiked Big Shoals State Park in Hamilton Country, Florida for views of the Suwanee River, the limestone outcroppings, and the rapids. I posted photographs and wrote about those before, and on our last visit we discovered something different.

Karl found the sign for the Old Godwin Bridge and set up the shot above of the bridge pilings through the trees. The sign below tells the history of the bridge. The pilings lasted all this time, in spite of over a century of further floods and high water. Several places we camp and visit contain sites of former towns, bridges, and industry, now all gone. I wish more places kept local histories to make these places more alive. Then again, they lived their lives never thinking that one day their town or industry would be gone, just a sign in a park remaining to mark the place.


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