August Travels

Buck Reinstien

We just returned from a nearly two week trip to visit family so I don’t have a regular posting for this week. We hiked, visited a county fair, and visited Niagara Falls for the first time in a long time.

In my continuing experiment to determine what I can do with a non-SLR camera, I traveled with the Canon G16. The 7D with zoom lens was already packed when I realized I needed to do the ultimate test: a series of shoots with only the G16 without the 7D in my pack for back-up. So, I unpacked the 7D.

The shot above at a nature preserve was tricky. We ventured on a less popular trail, and our reward was this buck relaxing. He stayed for several minutes, quite a distance off the trail, so yes, the 7D was missed. I did get several shots however.

Next week posting will be back to normal.

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