Visit to Ravine Gardens Park


We visited Ravine Gardens state park during a trip to Palatka, FL. We found the Loop Drive, which we did on a prior visit many years ago this year closed due to hurricane damage and erosion. No problem, we took a nice hike to the ravine and spent a couple of hours taking photographs and enjoying the damp, cool air._Z9X7529

With the 100mm – 400mm lens on my camera I had to leave the scenic shots to Karl. He captured the Spanish moss through the trees, and the bridge over the ravine. I chased damselflies around and stalked but rarely saw the birds I heard in the surrounding dense vegetation._Z9X7531


Plenty of picnic benches dotted the area, making me wish we brought a picnic. Instead, we visited a local restaurant called Corky Bell’s. I highly recommend it. The excellent food, service, and prices explained the big crowds!

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