Sunrise at the Beach

Sunrise behind the dune
Sunrise from behind a dune

We spent nearly a week on St. George Island, FL camping. We love falling asleep to the sound of the waves on the beach, and waking to walk to the beach and watch the sunrise. Since we drove the entire day before, we woke later than we planned the first day and really walked fast to get to the beach for the main event. As we crossed the road and walked the path, I stopped for this shot of the beginnings of sunrise behind the dune.

We spent time walking around and watching as the colors in the sky changed, and the top crescent made its way into view. Usually by that time on other trips several people join us. This time another couple came just as the sun rose, took a quick photo, and left. No one else made their way down to enjoy the daily spectacle. georgeKarl took this shot as the sun came up.

We walked back slowly, anticipating another cup of coffee at the RV. As we walked down the entrance road to the campsite, I noticed that the still golden light of the sun illuminated this downed and dying tree making the colors look almost surreal.Early sun on falling tree

We were glad we made the extra effort to see that first sunrise. We woke to very cold weather and rain the following morning, and clouds the next morning.

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