Reflections and Windows

Restaurant Window

Years ago I did a personal project series called “Through A Window”. I thought that concept might work to include people in street photography, or life photography, without making them identifiable as individuals.

I tried these two in a local restaurant, and I definitely have some work to do. In the above, I liked the window treatment and the view, with just a part of the face of the person outside. I would have liked more of the person, perhaps turned away or more blurred, but most shots showed too much. Reflection

In this one, I tried a silhouette type reflection in a framed wall poster. The person is clear and not identifiable, but the angle is really wrong. I took it while sitting. Jumping up to get the angle needed would have disrupted the moment. So, back to the drawing board.

I plan to keep trying on this concept. I recently read some articles in photography magazines about the entire privacy issue, what can be included in photographs, what requires permission, etc. I understand that, and also I like the idea of people being unidentifiable in my photographs (except portraits of course) to illustrate the “every person or any person” idea.

Any suggestions are welcome. I lost my old “Through A Window” series of posts which appeared on the original blog. Somehow (my error I am sure) the posts ended up deleted rather than archived.



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