Trying Mirrorless…


We both have used digital SLRs since Canon’s 20D came out. Part of the reason for our move was timing. My trusty old Nikon FE film camera took an accidental salt water bath while boating and never recovered. Technology continues to move on, and we keep up to a degree. For the couple of years Karl has watched the mirrorless SLRs progress and finally made the decision to move to mirrorless.

We visited our local independently owned camera shop, the only one in the area, looked and tried some of the models. Karl decided on the Sony A 7 III full frame as he shoots exclusively full frame and preferred to stay there. We bought a lens adapter and he uses the lenses we already own, Canon.

First test shot in our back yard

After his first test, above, he worked more on the settings and managed to get a portrait of one of the cats, Midnight. Midnight usually panics at the sight of a camera, so this was a surprise.

We tell our classes that with digital, we have gone from cameras to computers with a lens. This is very true for this camera. We’ll keep everyone updated on how he likes it.

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