Carillon Campanile at Stephen Foster

Memorial Carillon Tower
The lights from the Festival of Lights December 2019

In the building beneath the Stephen Foster Memorial Campanile Tower (Stephen Foster Folk Music State Park, White Springs, FL) is a museum explaining the 97-bell carillon. It is the largest tubular carillon in number of bells in the world.

Installed in 1958, the bells stopped ringing their regular quarter hour chimes in the 1980s due to the cost of maintaining the system. One set of 32 bells was restored in the early 1990s, and it is this set that you hear today. Efforts continue to raise the money to restore the rest. During our December visit we heard the bells regularly, and paused briefly each time to listen and identify the tune. Unfortunately they have been silent several times during prior and subsequent visits due to required maintenance. The museum is worth a visit if you are in the area. Hopefully the bells will be ringing.

Notice the chairs set up in the foreground for an event held here the day before
Part of the mechanism that makes it work.
Sign on one of the several classical pianos on display.

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