Photographs when you least expect it

Cedar Waxwing 2

I just started to open the car door in the supermarket parking lot when a flock of birds flew overhead and settled on one of the landscaped trees in the parking lot. They rose as one, flew around, and landed again. I couldn’t quite make them out due to distance and all the foliage, but the way they flocked together and the prominent berries in the tree led both Karl and I to guess Cedar Waxwings.

I grabbed my camera and opened the window, not wanting to scare them away. With the 24 – 70 mm lens at 70 mm I took a few shots. In spite of the numerous berries, they stayed only briefly and left. The supermarket fronts a very busy Florida highway, and this time of year especially traffic remains heavy all day long, not just during rush hour. Perhaps they decided to find a quieter place with fewer people.

Cedar Waxwing 3

I had no time to adjust settings, and discovered later the ISO had been a bit high, but considering the quick shots with the short lens I was happy with the results. Cedar Waxwing 1

This shot is really too busy, but I liked the bird coming in for a landing. The overall picture reminded me of one of those puzzles: How many Cedar Waxwings can you see in this shot? I counted five for certain, but I think there might be another one hidden.

This bird winters in the area, but we don’t see them very often the places we bird and hike. This was nice and unexpected.

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