In Between the Rain

We went to Brooker Creek Preserve this past week, early in the morning as it rained off and on during the night and the forecast predicted more rain. As we pulled in we saw this Sandhill Crane family so Karl stopped far enough away for me to take a few shots without disturbing them too much. “Junior” is as tall as his parents, but doesn’t have all the coloring yet.

We walked over the bridge at the main channel. The Dahoon Holly are already showing their berries, and this year they are close enough to the bridge for some photographs. The mosquitoes found me as I stopped to take this shot, get my settings where I wanted them, and then wait for the drop of moisture to get to the right spot.

We took a walk along the boardwalk, and finally Karl said he was tired of being a mosquito ‘blood donor’ so we hurried back to the car. The mosquitoes obviously needed food, they bit me a couple of times through my shirt!

On the way out we saw this doe feeding. She stopped to look, but since a lot of people pass through the Preserve cars rarely cause them to flee.

September tends to be a little better than August for heat and humidity, but realizing that our best time of year comes soon makes it seem much better.

BTW: I am having some issues with the new editor. It is not at all intuitive for me. I am sure I will get better as I go along.

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