The Cat’s Eye

I walked into the small enclosed Florida room I use as an office and studio a few days ago. I looked toward the window, and saw just one eye watching me. It startled me briefly, until I realized that in the dark behind the window, that was all I could see of our cat Midnight. She sat very still watching with the one eye. I found my camera, the smaller Canon G16, in my bag and took a couple of shots. Thank goodness she stayed since I hurried the first one and got only a blur.

I posted photographs before of our two cats, Midnight, all black, and her litter sister Sassy, all soft gray. Unfortunately her sister Sassy became ill suddenly two months ago. In spite of rushing her to animal ER we lost her. Apparently she had a genetic issue that led to renal failure, just two months before she turned 7 years old. Midnight immediately went to the vet for testing, and so far the genetic issue does not show in her.

Sassy was alpha cat to Midnight from birth, and they had never been separated. We even had them put in adjoining cages the one time they had to spend the night at the vet. For several weeks Midnight looked everywhere, every day, for her sister. Always easy frightened and terrified, she no longer had her sister to calm her so ran and hid a lot. Slowly Karl and I are getting used to Sassy’s absence, and so is Midnight. She doesn’t hide as much, and joins us in the evenings even venturing to sit in Karl’s lap on occasion. Several people suggested introducing a new kitten, but for now Midnight will be an only cat.

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