Spider Webs and Photo Sorting

What is it about spider webs just after a rain or with just the right lighting that make us take take a photograph, or make a sketch? I know I am not the only one, I read other blogs and sites and often see these beautiful, lacy creations posted.

I sorted through my photographs for 2020 this past weekend, preparing for my annual purge. I usually fail to be at all ruthless in deleting shots that just didn’t work. Out of focus, really missed the shot, or just plain not at all interesting shots get deleted on the first or second pass after I download everything to my computer. Those that remain include the shots that just aren’t quite there, but I “might want someday”. Someday never comes of course, and once a year usually between Christmas and New Year holidays I harden my resolve and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee. Opening Photoshop, I start with the oldest and work to the most recent. I think time away from the when I took the shot helps me distance and make those decisions.

My review this weekend prompted this post with spider webs. I took a lot. Some had the occupant residing, as the one below, others just looked so beautiful in the morning light or intrigued me in some other way. Oh, and I actually deleted a several others of those “someday” shots, a head start on next month.

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