May: Flower Supermoon Eclipse

Naming of full moons started as long ago as ancient Rome. The names used today in conjunction with full moons, and published in the Farmer’s Almanac, primarily uses the names used by the Native Americans. In May 2021 the moon came closest to earth for this calendar year, which makes it a supermoon. The Farmer’s Almanac calls the May moon the Flower moon, also known as the Blossom moon. With a lunar eclipse also occurring the color changes to a reddish color, called a Blood moon.
I photographed the full moon first, as it rose.

The eclipse also took place in the morning when I normally run so I saw it start, came back from my run, and photographed a good portion of it. The total eclipse happened after it sank behind the tree line, so I missed that. Even so, I managed to capture parts of the eclipse including the reddish tinge.
This year many of our full moons occurred during very clear nights here on the coast in west central Florida, so I took a lot of photographs over several months. I think I finally found the lens/setting combination to get the photographs I wanted.

The start of the eclipse
The last photograph before it went below the treeline. My favorite, I love the clouds moving across the lit portion

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