Screech Owls

A neighbor set up this screech owl box last year and it remained empty until this year when a pair of Eastern Screech owls claimed it for a nest. She invited us to visit and take some photos, noting that the female usually showed herself after 7 p.m. She warned us that it didn’t happen every night and another person who came one evening never saw it. We arrived about 7 p.m., sat and had a wonderful visit for about half an hour before the owl popped out her head. She remained out, at first with eyes closed and a bit later extended herself a little more with eyes open. I tried to get a profile shot, but she heard me moving to the side even though I went slowly and I thought softly, and her head followed me. I used a 400mm lens and didn’t move too close or too fast, so I witnessed a good demonstration of their incredible hearing. After a few shots, we just observed her from the yard.

After an hour or so we left, happy with our visit with our neighbor and the chance to see the owl. A little while later I received a text, the male had finally shown up.

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