On Keaton Beach

Skimmers in flight

We took a drive along the Gulf coast near Perry, FL and found a small town called Keaton Beach, with of course a small beach. We spent some time walking around, birding, and yes, just sitting on the benches enjoying the sunny but windy day. A fisherman on shore cast out trying his luck, boats passed by well offshore, and of course plenty of Laughing gulls and other gulls provided background. A flock of Black skimmers sat on the beach near the water, and we gave them wide berth as we passed, not wanting to disrupt their day. I decided to try to photograph, and after one or two shots they suddenly took off. I looked up from my camera and discovered a person walking their dog had brought the dog to the edge of the sand to look at the birds too. That did not sit well with the flock and off they went.

Walking to the less sandy area near a small point I found the bird area. Plenty of shorebirds fed in the seaweed washed up the shore, others walked by or flew by. We spent about an hour there, and liked it so well we checked out a couple of RV parks nearby. We will be visiting again.

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